Fiber Quilt Artist Michele B. Lea

This quilt is very personal to me in that I am revealing something that I have not shared with many  people.  I am in a constant state searching for happiness and tranquility in my mind.  Something that you would never have guessed about me.  It is a daily ritual for me trying to find a place of light rather than the cloud of darkness that looms over my mind.  I suffer from chronic mental depression which is a disease with no cure.  More than 40 million people suffer.  It is invisible and deadly.  Suicide is an on-going threat for those that want to escape the darkness.  The image of me floating with butterflies draping over me as a blanket of protection brings peace and tranquility. 

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SPOTLIGHT for April 2016 "Tranquility the End"  Selected by Juror Kate Lydon for SAQA's juried exhibition, Tranquility.  The exhibition will debut at the International Quilt Festival, Houston, Texas, and may then travel to more venues. 59"H x 29"W

Reflections of One Fiber Art Quilts

Through art quilting, Michele Lea has found an outlet of expression for her eclectic thoughts and experiences, which manifest as organic themes and vibrant colors. Fabric is an extraordinary medium with its diverse hues and textures, which inspire creative thoughts and help bring others to life. Beads, crystal, and yarn only add to the intricacy and expression of fine art quilting, allowing the artist to explore an idea even further and put a little more of herself into the work. With a wealth of inspirations, resources, techniques, and materials there is no limiting Michele‚Äôs desire to quilt her passion for life. 

"There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.
You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.  
Forget the bad, and focus on the good.
Love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. 

Falling down is a part of life, getting back up is living."